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If you wondering why we don't publish our own telephone number here the answer is: we did but we had to remove it because we received too many calls from people trying to contact shops or asking specific information about their products.

We manage this website, as a magazine, that's all. Please feel free to cotact us about the website itself by email, you can write to info (at)

If you own a shop in Italy, an outlet or a factory shop and you want it to be listed or you want to update its information please write to us at the mentioned e-mail address. Updates and new listings are free of charge.

If you want to send a press release you can also use the mentioned e-mail address, everything not strictly regarding Outlets and factory shops in Italy will be instantly deleted without notice.

On this website we don't accept guest posts (no exceptions) and we are not interested in link exchange programs (again, no exceptions).

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