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2C – Maglificio Artigiano
Shop firm. Sale of hosiery, cashmere for man and woman.
Arnaldo Caprai
Arte Luce
Asburgo Manifatture
Shop firm: sale of clothing for man and woman of own production.
Shop firm sale of elegant, from ceremony and freetime clothing only children and boys.
Azienda agricola Dubini Locatelli
Direct sale of own production. Saturday and sunday open on appointment.
Azienda Agricola Palazzone
Sale of wines of own production: local wines. Saturday and sunday the shop is open on appointment.
Baulificio Perugino
Shop firm. Sale of suitcases, trunks and items from journey.
Bettini Germano
Handicraft workshop. Sale of ceramic, porcelain, terra-cotta.
Bolle di Sapone
Sale of clothing for children. Summer hourly afternoon opening from 04:00pm at 08:00pm.

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