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Arte Tessile
Handicraft workshop direct sale of bedspreads, materials, carpets and furniture for the home.
Artigianato Tessile e Rivendita Filati
Handicraft workshop: hotel supplies. Outer space for animals.
Artigianato Tessile Sardo Segreto Anna
handicraft workshop direct sale of materials, carpets, tents, blankets, materials for furniture of the home. In the summer period the workshop close at 12:00pm.
Azienda Olearia San Giuliano
Buiaroni Giorgio e Figli Calzaturificio
Direct sale of footwears.
Calzaturificio Nuova Valmon
Shop firm sale of shoes.
Calzaturificio Talia Di Palomba Benito Giovanni
Direct sale open at the public of footwears for man, woman and cgild of different marks and own production. In the summer period the shop is open until at 09.00pm.
Cele Alghero
The other seat of the shop is at the civic number 25. In the summer period and in the holidays open all days.
Chocolateria Sperandri
In the summer period the shop open from monday at saturday from 08:00am - 01:00pm and from 02:00pm at 07:00pm.
Industria Casearia Agroalimentare
Direct sale of dairy products.

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