ITALIA - Lombardy outlet

050 Family Store
Stocchista: sale of clothes 0-14 years, items of first childhood. Inside of the shop is present a small game area for children.
3 Scudi
Shop of icecream
A & C Valigie
Sale of bags, suit-cases, shoes, accessories in pelt; end series and samples of mark.
A - 27
Dessert and ice cream cake of own production.
A.B. Computer
Sale of electronic items of various marks.
Sale of items for home: the goods of own production for example the cutlery is sold at discounted prices.
Sale of clothing for woman. Shop situated in the Fashion Store.
Achille Pinto
Direct sale of material for the furniture and remnants; materials for clothes, objects, foulards and scarfs in silk and wool, neck-ties, umbrellas.
Ademark Fratelli Pedroni
Clothes of italian and foreign great marks.
Sale of sporting clothing for man, woman and child. Shop situated in the Fashion Store.

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