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Adrian Calze
Shop firm: sale of flowers, trees, items for florist; items for gift.
Annamaria Ottomano
Handicraft workshop: shirts for man and woman also on measure.
Stocchista: clothing for man, woman and child of different marks: deduct until at 50%.
Caseificio Bianco
Direct sale.
Caseificio Ignalat
Caseificio Palmilat
Confezioni Beldon
Cooperativa Agricola Fortore
Sale of olive-oil and typical wines of the territory of own production. From May 1° at October 30 from Monday at Friday from 10.30am at 01.00pm and from 04.30pm at 06.30pm Saturday from 10.30am at 01.00pm Sunday from 09.00am at 01.00pm

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