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Alberto Gozzi
Shop firm of footwear for woman.
Alexander McQueen - Balenziaga - Stella McCartney
Clothes, accessories and footwear for woman. The Balenciaga mark besides presents a wide choice for the clothes for man; the Stella McCartney offers a range of fragrance from woman, while the Alexander McQueen mark presents a choice of unisex perfumes.
Andrea Sassi
Shop firm: sale of clothes for woman.
Artieri Alabastro
Handicraft workshop: sale of things, gifts and typical products.
Shop firm. Sale of use and throw paper items, serviettes, napkins.
Shop firm: sale of sporting and classic footwears for child and man of own production.
Shop firm. Clothes for children and teenagers until 15 years.
Bartalini Lampadari
Handicraft workshop: sale of chandeliers.
Handicraft workshop. Sale of clothes also in pelt. In the winter period is open also sunday.
Bata Factory Store
Shop firm of footwears for man, woman and child; classic, freetime and sporting; accessories in pelt; samples also of other marks. In the Warner Village.

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