ITALIA outlet

Sale of meat, poultry, cold cuts, deep-frozen of meat and vegetables: AIA; Negroni, Montorsi, Findus.
Shop firm: sale of fashion/sport footwear for man and woman.
A.M.G. Confezioni
Shop firm: sale of clothing and accessories for man.
Sale of vintage clothes. Accessible at the disabled only the first plan.
A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace
A.T.R. - Azienda Tessile Romana
Direct sale of materials for the clothes, for furniture and bed linen, bath and kitchen. Dogs at the lead. Other number: 0668300476.
Abbazia Casamari
Direct sale of foods, olive-oil and honey of own production.
Sale of items for home: the goods of own production for example the cutlery is sold at discounted prices.
Sale of clothing for woman. Shop situated in the Fashion Store.

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